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Jennifer Vincent
Sister Marifilia, age 90, and Jen, age hmm?

Living and working in the Chicago area for over a decade, Jen currently calls La Grange, IL home.


About Me

One of my earliest baking memories is of my dad making Santa cupcakes. I was fascinated by all those bearded faces looking up at me from the milk glass cake plate. This was followed by Easter basket cupcakes made with my dads white pipe cleaners used as handles. It amazed me how some well placed icing could transform a small cake into a delightful little work of art.

When I went off to college I worked my way through in a kitchen. Everything was made from scratch using only fresh ingredients. This was an incredible education in feeding large groups without the help of frozen food or premade items.

One of the people I was fascinated with was the baker, Gertrude. She wore black cat glasses and drove an Edsel which she kept a close eye on from the long, narrow bakery window over her work table. On Sundays she would make Angel food cakes, cooling them upside down on coke bottles. Light passing through the bottles would throw rainbow prisms on the walls and equipment.

After college I found work at a variety of restaurants eventually  becoming the head chef of The Old Vinings Inn in Atlanta, GA. Later I ran the catering department at Proof of the Pudding, one of the largest caterers in Atlanta.

After traveling around the country, I ended up back in Chicago, IL attending baking and pastry school at Kendall College and have worked as a chef and catering manager. Currently living in La Grange, IL and travel to work in the surrounding area.

I have dabbled in art my whole life and discovered, with the help of a friend and 50+ nuns, I could combine my love of art and baking to create something beautiful. I soon began creating little pieces of art that melt in your mouth. Give me a call and we can discuss your order and I’ll tell you about the nuns. I look forward to meeting and baking for you.

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